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We Simply Shared a Cup of Coffee…

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Joe’s Café is just around the corner from StarBucks in Greenwich Village; a nice “home-like” atmosphere with  tables outside to enjoy the morning light. After taking my laundry to the sweetest little lady down the street who cannot speak a lick of English but makes the clothes smell sunshine fresh, I decided to stop in and read. At 7:15am Joe’s is quiet, and there is one particular table that I like because I can see the street in either direction.

I’m researching the civil war for a ghost writing project I will embark in August. While I will be representing the Confederacy, I am currently engaged in a book about the Union. Important to know both sides, I reason.

She sat at the table next to me, joking that I had taken her favorite spot. “Well, if it’s your favorite, why not join me?” I responded…and she did.

We talked about New York; where we were from; why we were here. She said I didn’t sound southern. I told her I try not to.  After asking why, I responded, “Because most people think southerners are illiterate.”

“Well, you’re reading,” she replied, gesturing towards my book, “So I guess that speaks volumes for you.” We laughed.

We discussed whether Obama would have a second term and the economy in Greece. We laughed about pigeons and their thoughts of the city and reminisced about an old Disney Movie that had Doberman Pinchers in it who assisted a couple of bank robbers. What happened to that movie?

I told her about hearing the gospel singers in Time Square and how it rejuvenated my soul. She asked me about my faith; she shared hers. When she had finished her cup of coffee and some sort of Danish, she left a tip for the waiter, thanked me for our conversation, and left.

“How do you know her?” the waiter asked me as he cleared away her plate.

“Who?” I responded.

“Ellen. Ellen DeGeneres.”

The silence that followed answered his question. “You didn’t know you were having coffee with Ellen?”

“Maybe she was just a look-alike,” I murmured to his condescending eyes and shaking head as if he could not believe I could be so ignorant.

I’ve spent the last few hours wondering if indeed she was Ellen and  had I known, what would I have said? Probably that Finding Nemo was my all time favorite and Dory’s phrase, “Just keep swimming, has inspired me on many occassions.” I often use it as a mantra when I need encouragment. Autographs are just too intrusive, so I know I wouldn’t have requested it.

She didn’t say her name was Ellen but neither did I say my name was Nora.

…we simply shared a cup of coffee and maybe that was what we both needed at the time.

Written by Nora Hatchett Almazan

June 29, 2011 at 1:43 pm