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What are you called to be?

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Several months ago I attended a meeting in which the facilitator asked for introductions. Of the twelve plus men and women in the room, the typical responses began to flow from our mouths, “I’m a mother of 6 and writer; I work for Wells Fargo, married 5 years; I’m a physician…”

We all have an identity. We’re somebody’s son or daughter; wife or husband; former wife or former husband; somebody’s mom or dad. We are coaches, teachers, carpool drivers…but is that truly who we are?

When the introductions were finished, the gentleman leading our session whispered, “Now tell me who you are called to be…”

I have two friends who travel together every year for vacation. Each year they pretend to be obscure and different people from whom they really are. The whole scheme is tremendous. They study and read all about these prepared scenarios and spend their cruise together being biologist or morticians or violin instructors. At the end of the cruise, the one who convinced the most people and has the most believable part wins $10.00.

If you were to google, “Purpose in Life,” thousands of books, articles, blogs, and devotions would appear, all attempting to help you navigate the “Steps to Find Your Purpose in Life.” But is it really that easy? And how many of us are on the right track?

In Galatians 1:10, Paul writes: “…If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

We identify ourselves according to the world’s standard, “I am this…I do this…I’ve been here…I know them.” But what we are called to be is servants of Christ. The purpose filled life isn’t complicated when we look at what we are doing and determine how we can serve Christ in doing it.

My grandmother, Mama Dolly, taught me to iron. I thought it to be one of the worst jobs available on the planet, such a tedious and unpretentious chore. I remember after a down pour of tears because I despised my chore, she told me her secret to ironing. She prayed for the person who would wear the shirt she was ironing. Instantly, the job for me became a mission, a huge responsibility, a necessary part of my family’s life. The jeans my brother would wear or the starched white collar on my Dad’s shirt all held the touch of God.

The passions of our hearts are intimately planned and directed by God. He only asks that we use those passions not for the sole purpose to make money or impress our neighbor but to serve Him. In so doing, we fulfill our calling for our lives. Like ironing, when we take what we’ve been given to do and turn it into an opportunity to serve God and His people, our purpose can’t help but be changed.


Written by Nora Hatchett Almazan

November 18, 2011 at 12:19 pm